Rental PRICE OF entire house based on 15 + 3 people.
  Price includes: batch of local artisan products, SPA and VAT.

Full Week




30% of total price

The entire house will be rented to a single group for a minimum of two nights.     
Check each season to know what days it includes and also watch out for special seasons before confirming a minimum rental period in the house.
For Bank holidays and high season check quotes.

Timetable for arrival at, and departure from the house (local time):

o Weekend: From Friday at 17h - 19h to Sunday at 17h. (Flexibility may be allowed, depending on occupancy).

o Full week: From Saturday at 17h until the following Saturday at 10h.

o Weekdays: From Monday at 17 h. until Thursday at 17h.


   -Excursion by ship to the lake (ask for a quote).
   -Rent bicycles
(ask for a quote).
   -House cleaning service (ask for a quote).
   -Group catering service (ask for a quote).
   -Laundry service (ask for a quote).
   -Batch of local artisan products.