Mas Serrallimpia is a rural holiday home set in the picturesque Catalan countryside overlooking the stunning Rialb reservoir.  The house comes with numerous facilities including a covered pool, jacuzzi, barbecue and children’s play area – an ideal retreat for friends and family. Optionally we offer aesthetic services in the house, reservation in advance.

This spacious villa is part of the Serrallimpia estate in the historic municipality of La Baronia de Rialb, Lerida.  The land comprises of extensive woodland and fields where you can go for long walks, bike rides and see the wildlife in a peaceful, family-friendly environment.

A restored traditional property with a modern finish, the villa comes well equipped with all the latest technologies and utilities as well as Wifi, central heating and air-conditioning.  Its privileged location means that Serrallimpia has the advantage of being secluded yet easily accessible on a good road from Ponts, the nearest town.  Just 14km away from the villa, Ponts is well-connected via road network, being the half-way point between Barcelona and Andorra.

The mountainous landscape can further be enjoyed from the waters of the aforementioned Rialb reservoir as we offer our own boat tours.  The reservoir runs past a Megalithic dolmen constructed 4000 years ago as well as some Roman churches of region’s – an area rich in heritage and history, set amongst natural beauty and waiting to be rediscovered.